Friday, January 24, 2020

Favorite Snacks

I am always looking for new and different snacks because I easily get bored with eating the same things over and over. So I decided to start a new series where I compile all of my newest favorite snacks (and maybe a few I'm not to fond of). This way I try new snacks and you get to have some new snack ideas!

Clear American Sparkling Water: When I say this has been my biggest obsession lately I am not kidding. I had been drinking so much diet coke lately it was sicking so I was on the search for something healthier but I HATE seltzer! Then I found this at Walmart and it is delicious zero calories, and zero sugar.

Rosemary and sea salt almond flour crackers: These gluten-free crackers by simple mills taste just like thanksgiving day stuffing. My mom is gluten-free so we love to try new and different snacks. These crackers are made up of almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and cassava (a root vegetable) all-natural ingredients. So delicious and worth a try even if you're not gluten-free!

Squashies: Okay so funny story about this snack, like three weeks before Christmas my mother read somewhere that these were Taylor Swift's favorite candy so naturally she went right to the internet to buy them. Well, we just got them in on Wednesday, I linked these but you may be waiting a while for them to arrive. We also can't tell if we love them or hate them, they are raspberry and milk flavored and sorta taste like a circus peanut.


  1. Those crackers sound so yummy, I'm always looking for new snack options, thanks for sharing!

    Ashlee |