Friday, November 15, 2019

Gloves... Gloves....Gloves

This past week we had our first snowfall of the season and to say I was unprepared was an understatement. Working in the school district whenever they talk about snow I feel as though all school employees get excited for a snow day. No matter how much I talk myself out of it I still always think we will get a snow day if it calls for snow one night. Well guess what 9.5 times out of 10 we do not have a snow day and this is exactly what happened on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning came... no email... no phone call... no text... this meant we definitely had school which then meant that I had to clean out my car. So I go out with no gloves, no hat, no scarf, just my coat, and stupidity. I immediately decided after 10 minutes of scrapping off the ice that was hidden under the snow that I was going to go buy multiple pairs of gloves. I figured I would share my favorite pairs.

While searching for all the mittens (I don't like gloves) I found that the best places that had the most variety were and Nordstrom rack with all different types of prices which is so nice because I do not like to pay a lot. One thing I would be careful of when buying gloves unraveling of the yarn. A lot of reviews said that the gloves would start to unravel or begin to develop holes. That would not be fun to be outside and develop a hole!


  1. These look so cozy! I only have one pair of mittens and I do reach for them instead of the gloves when it's very cold. They keep my fingers so much warmer! Thanks for sharing these, I may add another pair of mittens to my winter wardrobe!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  2. I am needing some new gloves, this is perfect! We aren't necessarily cold down where I live yet, but I'm heading to New York in a few weeks and will definitely need them!

    Ashlee |

  3. Beautiful. Dress gloves are an accessory that can add a beautiful touch to a stunning outfit.

    Helene Goldnadel