Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New City Coat!

Alright if you haven't heard or seen the J.Crew New City Coat then you have probably been living under a rock but I am here to bring you to the light on this amazing coat. Now if you don't know I am short (hence the petite in the name of my blog) but I am only 4'10 so it is very difficult for me to find coat like don't look like I am a child wear a women's jacket. But J.Crew has once again saved me from looking way younger than I am.

The outfit details from this post can be found in this post here and the link to this jacket can be found here. I love this jacket for many different reasons one being that the petite size is the perfect length for us short girls. second I always feel so professional when I wear this jacket and is perfect for events and winter interviews. And third, because I get so many compliments on this coat every time I wear it.

I am wearing a petite size two and it couldn't fit any petty, it is big enough to wear sweaters under but petite enough to hit at the right spot and have the right length sleeves. Another bonus is that this jacket goes on amazing sales and if you watch it you can get it at a fabulous price. The different colors all go on sale at different times such as right now this one is only 80$ but the green one is 150$. I highly recommend these jackets and if you don't have one you need one!


  1. What a great coat on you! it's such a nice neutral too and it's sure to get a lot of wear! Awesome you can score it on sale as well :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend! We have a lot of rain which is very welcome, but we have still been able to get out and about :)

    Away From Blue

  2. I love the color of this coat, such a classic and staple for everyone's wardrobe!!! So beautiful!


  3. Such a cute coat! I love the color too, it's so versatile and would go with anything xo

    Makeup Muddle